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Imprinted at Birth

Imprinted At Birth

I was born blind.

Little by little my eyes opened to the world…

My first learning was the smell of my mother,

then the voice of my father

I felt safe.

I felt loved.

Whatever safe and love is,

I instinctively understood

that it was warm…

All was well.

Until one day

Many years later

Things changed…

I experienced cold and indifference

Judgement and hurt

It felt divisive and uncaring.

For a very long time

I looked everywhere

for the warmth and love I once knew.

I looked to understand

why the feeling changed.

Why were some people –

mothers, fathers, neighbors, family, children

unkind, cruel, and detached?

In a world where life begins and ends

with a breath and the beat of a heart

Why do we lose precious time

to beat each other up and down

rather than lift each other with honor?

I was certain there was another way

If I could feel it

It must be felt by others.

I began a search

Not for fame or fortune

For a soul story stored in safe and sacred space

A place where we mutually nurture trust

Inviting our hidden wholeness

The one felt on the day we were born

To stand with each other

In purpose, story and song.

To stand with each other with love.

written by Lori Schulman Yadin

copyright 2020

please do not use without permission from the author


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