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Parenting with courage, humility and love.

Designing Learning Environments that illuminate humanity.

Building Leadership & Community Circles that nurtures 

growth, supports change, inspires solutions, transforms lives.




We schedule workshops open to everyone, as well as design workshops that respond to the interests and needs of organizations and communities. 

An example of our Workshop Themes:

  • Designing Learning Environments that illuminate humanity and create a foundation for health and success. How do we define "Learning Environment"? We are persuaded that every "environment" provides a space for learning" - this includes our home, work, places of worship, community, and school environments.

  • What's Your Story? An invitation to knowing your organization and/or community by understanding who is in the room, what is each individual's lived experience, and how together you support your mission and vision, creating a more honest, open, and caring environment that will support successful outcomes and well-being. 


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Professional Development Coaching: 

  • We focus on Human Awareness Coaching, building skills necessary for living in alignment with one's values - integrating mindfulness practice into the ways we communicate, think, and act. 

  • We believe that at the core of our potential and an organization's potential is relationship. The relationship we have with ourselves and others'. If our core relationships are not positive and healthy, we cannot expect to sustain positive outcomes. 

  • Relationship is foundational to the Learning Environments and Communities we establish for ourselves and others. 

Leadership, Dialogue, and Community Circle Facilitation:

  • New Initiatives: Benevolent Community of Delaware and Benevolent Community of Savannah, Georgia: For those living in and leading Delaware or Savannah. Open to ALL who believe that we can cultivate communities rooted in compassion, nurtured by diversity and shared humanity, educated by history and lived-experiences - Communities that believe that by listening to each other and working together we can resolve the issues that divide us, and solve the problems of today and tomorrow that most concern us. Open to ALL who believe that together we have the heart, imagination, and talent to create a healthier future for all of our communities. 

       (See pages for Benevolent Community of

       Delaware and Benevolent Community of

       Savannah for more details)

  • We Need To Talk: Building Leadership & Community Circles that practice human awareness, nurtures growth, supports change, inspires solutions, and transforms lives through honest and respectful dialogue. 

  • Strategic Planning for Social-Profits - Taking a Relationship based approach to supporting the building of organizations who focus on creating  better communities. 


  • We will custom design a retreat to respond to your organization's needs. 


  • You are invited to join us for one or more of our current offerings. We facilitate retreats for Create Safe Space Inc. Lori is a professional Facilitator, trained by the Center for Courage & Renewal, using the Circle of Trust Approach®, Founded by Parker J. Palmer.  

To receive an application for a retreat offering please send us an email:, indicate the Retreat you are interested in and we will email you the forms and any additional information. 

Scheduled Retreats with a focus on Social and Racial Justice and Benevolent Community:

Continuing: Benevolent Community, 2021-2022 Cohort 1

This Group began meeting in June 2021 during the Covid pandemic, and through deep dialogue and story-sharing we forged a path to building benevolent community that met in Retreat in June 2022. We are a group who live in different places throughout the United States. Together we are now writing a book on our experience that speaks to the value of benevolent community and providing a framework for others to create and nurture Benevolent Communities of their own. We continue to meet on-line the fourth Thursday of every month

March 20, 2024  Benevolent Community of Delaware - First State Summit, Rollins Conference Center, Dover, DE.  We invite you to join us for this one day Summit engaging participants in Benevolent Community workshops, networking opportunities and a keynote address by Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr., Princeton University Professor and Chair of African American Studies, Dr. Glaude is a scholar and author. His research focuses on the American Experience. Registration opens on October 15, 2023, click on Summit Registration Page

August 11-15, 2024  Montgomery and Selma, Alabama

Searching for the Soul of Social Justice in Sacred and Storied Places, Sunday afternoon - Thursday noon Healing and Justice Retreat, Click Link for Details and Registration: 

May 22-24 Join my colleague Anthony Sandusky for: embodying courage: paths toward a hidden wholeness A Retreat for Social Change Makers  

Are you passionate about social change, yet feeling drained by the weight of the world? Do  you yearn to rediscover the courage that ignited your passion? If so, this is your rare chance  to refuel and rekindle the flame in your life and work by attending a Circle of Trust© retreat.  

Inspired by the work of writer and activist Parker Palmer, along with other social change  makers, this retreat will allow us to delve into the internal work necessary to adequately re engage the external work we are called to. 

When: May 22nd 1PM-6PM 

 May 23rd 8AM-6PM 

 May 24th 8AM-6PM 

Where: Next Step Community Church      

360 Schermerhorn Street 

Brooklyn, New York 11217 

For More Information and/or to register email:

June 23, 2024 - Savannah, GA Benevolent Community On-Line Circle Day - Courage In Community (via zoom) Circle Day  Experience, providing an opportunity to consider the value of community and its connection to sustaining humanity and democracy. We will begin at 1:00 and conclude at 4:00 pm. Fee: $30 

June 2024

How To Talk About Race, A Four-part Dialogue Series via ZOOM

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Workshop Fee $180

August 23-25, 2024  Exploring The Gifts of Benevolent Community, Savannah, Georgia - Venue to be announced

Using the wisdom found in Parker J. Palmer's Books: Healing The Heart of Democracy and On The Brink of Everything, this weekend retreat will challenge us to think about legacy as a responsibility we hold in building benevolent communities and caring for future generations. This weekend retreat is great companion to the Benevolent Community Courage In Community Circle Day Experience, providing an opportunity to consider the value of community and its connection to sustaining democracy. This Retreat will begin on Friday, August 23 at 5:00 pm and conclude on Sunday, August 25 at 12:00 noon. Details and Registration Information will be posted soon.

Scheduled Women's Retreats:

C.L.A.S.P.: Cohort One - A Benevolent Community for Women that begins with bookend day Retreats and Coaching Series and continues as an ongoing Supportive Community Network for Women. Participants will attend two separate Day Retreats (9 am - 4 pm) , the retreat experience will bookend 4 - 50 minute coaching sessions. Two coaching sessions will be offered to each person in October and two in November, followed by the second DayRetreat in the beginning of December. At completion of the series cohort participants will be welcomed into the C.L.A.S.P. Community Network. We will hold monthly zoom calls, and each member will receive 2 complimentary coaching sessions per year, for as long as they participate in community conversations and networks. For more information email Lori Yadin

September 2024 CLASP Day Retreat #1, Savannah, Georgia

Focus Topics: What We Keep: A Journey of Self-Exploration, discerning life by reflecting on our experiences and choices.

Through the Safety Net: Meeting Life's Challenges with Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion.

CLASP Individual Coaching Sessions - Each Participant to schedule 2 coaching sessions for February and 2 coaching sessions for March. 

December  2024 CLASP Day Retreat #2, Savannah, Georgia


Focus Topics:  Making Your Own Days: Creating Safe and Contemplative Space for Your True Self to Grow and Shine.

Wonder, Will, and Wisdom - Women's Superpowers. 


The CLASP Community Series includes 2 Day Retreats (includes materials and lunch). and (4)-50 minute, individual coaching sessions via zoom or phone. And an invitation to join an ongoing Community Network that will meet via zoom once per month. In addition, each participant that remains involved in the community will receive 2 complementary coaching sessions per year. 

Total Fee: $1,250


October 27, 2024 

Harvesting Life: Soul-Work for every age and stage of life. A Courage & Renewal Women's Day Retreat, beginning Sunday at 10 am and concluding Sunday at four. Savannah, Georgia, Venue and Fees to be posted soon. For information please contact Lori -

Scheduled Retreats for Personal and Professional Development:

 September 2024 - dates will be announced soon 

How To Talk About Race, A Four-part Dialogue Series via ZOOM

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Workshop Fee $250

November 1-3, 2024 Savannah, Georgia - Venue to be announced

Sanctuary - Designing Benevolent Community  


To foster healing by

illuminating our shared humanity.


Create and support

experiences & environments

rooted in compassion, humility, and

healthy relationships;

  using essential questions as  the foundation for engaging

with each other to  build benevolent communities,

and social advocacy organizations.

Our Goal: Design  spaces for thought, dialogue, education, questioning, collaboration and problem solving that supports the healing of the brokenness in our relationships and communities, by illuminating the gifts of our shared humanity so to foster Benevolent Communities.  Working together to abolish fear and hate – and create the healthy relationships, environments and systems needed to honestly engage in the challenge of reconciling with the truth of our past so to build pathways of healing and well-being that hold every person’s dignity, story, and health as closely as one holds their own. 
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