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Our Core Beliefs and Values

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Human Beings are observers and are impacted by every encounter, experience, and environment, beginning at birth. We believe that every environment we engage with - our homes, neighborhoods, schools, places of worship and work are all "learning environments."

The question we hold is,

"What are we individually and collectively learning?

It is understood that  these environments are filled with implicit and explicit beliefs and values.  So, we ask -

"What beliefs and values are core to creating safe enough space to make meaning of all of our daily encounters? What  environments allow us to freely question, explore, and make meaning for ourselves? To make choices about the beliefs and values that we want to practice and consciously hold as our own.

We have chosen three core beliefs that we deeply value. 

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We believe in Human Equality

We equally value the life of every human being, believing that each person contributes to the continuing creation of our humanity by adding their individuality, their birthright gifts, their creativity and their unique story. We are committed to holding the dignity of every person with as much care and respect as we hold our own. We believe in deeply listening to how each individual wants to be identified and then honoring the knowledge they hold of themselves we see them as they see themselves.

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We value Life-Long Learning

We value learning as a life-long pursuit because growing knowledge and our capacity for understanding ourselves, others and all of life is an unending journey that provides nourishment for our minds, bodies and souls - lifts our hearts - helps us to maintain the childhood curiosity that motivates us to be more, understand more, reach out to others more  than we do today. 

The yellow candle light is protected from the hand by the wind and in the picture there is

We strive to Illuminate Humanity

We value the idea of being a light and bringing lightness to others. We believe that kindness, compassion, openness, empathy, generosity, and love are some of the important pro-social human skills that we need to develop and sustain for illuminating the gifts of our shared humanity - for thriving in our world. 

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