Create Safe Space

Illuminate Humanity - Healthy Relationships Thrive

We believe that Safe Space opens us to seeing ourselves, each other, and our communities

through a lens that illuminates

our shared humanity.  

Our goal is to provide skills in human awareness; 

the self-reflective, communication, and mindful practices needed to foster healthy relationships and grow positive, trustworthy and productive learning environments. We believe that holding space that honors every individual's unique gifts, respects the ways in which we interact with each other, the ways we listen to each other is integral to our shared human experience. We know that open, honest, and trustworthy space creates a climate for risk taking, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, celebration and success. 

We  offer workshops, human awareness coaching,  facilitate leadership and community thought circles, and retreats.  

We envision

safe learning environments that

uphold the dignity

 of individuals

and their communities,

seeing this as an essential

value to achieving human potential, organizational success, and thriving communities.